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It was 1990 and only a year after our opening. The Fireplace Loft was already looking to the future with Electric Fireplaces. At that time, we imported two lines of electric fireplaces from the United Kingdom. Even then, incorporating “electrics” into our product offerings. We packaged these fireplaces with our custom line of handcrafted mantels and featured them in our exclusive showroom. As a result, we became one of the first vendors in North America to carry, let alone showcase electric fireplaces.

At the time, the North American market was not ready for such a new and novel product. Electric Fireplaces may have been before-their-time for Canada and the rest of North America in 1990, but fast forward 30 years to today and the future has become now. Today, “electrics” are the fastest-growing segment of the fireplace industry.

Unfortunately, the Electric Fireplace market has grown so quickly that it has become a victim of its own success. This market is now saturated and we’ve seen an influx of inferior quality products. Unfortunately, these second-rate products usually fail to live up to homeowners’ expectations. Yet, because of our long experience with electric fireplaces, we can guide you to quality products.

The Fireplace Loft continues our history of electrics with premier selections of only the highest quality electric fireplace lines. Lines that include manufacturers such as Amanti, Regency, Napoleon and SimpliFire. To make your home truly special, we build fully custom walls and fireplace designs around the electric insert of your choice. Click the links to review the lines we carry. Better still, come visit our showroom to view the fireplaces in person and speak with us.