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Building Fireplaces Since 1989


All Archgard products embody three overriding principals: Quality, Design and Dependability. Archgard fireplaces are stunning and attractive pieces. All designed to be quietly efficient. Conceived and built reliable and safe. When you are looking for the ultimate fireplace experience with a premium flame, look no further than Archgard. If you are looking for Archgard, look to The Fireplace Loft as your exclusive regional provider.

“The status of the fireplace has changed over time. It is no longer just a source of heat, but rather a central part of our homes. Our fireplaces have been designed with clean lines, focusing attention on the flames. With our wide product range and the potential to adapt to meet personal tastes, there is something here for everyone.”

Bill Waterstradt, Owner, Archgard Fireplaces.

Archgard fireplaces proudly built in North America. Look to Archgard for the highest standard of workmanship. Archgard also prides itself on its responsiveness to the market. As a result, the company invests in ongoing R&D of new and innovative products. Still, products can’t just be fresh ideas, they need to meet the high standards all Archgard products do.